Humtap, the application that allows you to create music using only your voice!

Humtap, the application that allows you to create music using only your voice!

per Anderson Mancini

Have you ever imagined creating music with instruments using only your voice? There’s an app for that!

After the success of Dubmash in Brazilian lands, an application appears that allows you to create original music in a very fun way.

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THE Humtap it works like this: you sing a song on your phone and add the rhythm by clapping. The application turns your voice into instruments and you can choose the style of music between rock, pop, etc. After that, you can still add photos and videos to your music and send it to friends.

See videos that demonstrate how the process is simple:

It's extremely easy to use and a lot of fun!

The secret behind Humtap's technology is not in the app itself, but in artificial musical intelligence. There was more than 10 years of study by a team of overdedicated music scholars. They created an algorithm that is capable of transforming the sound waves of the human voice into musical instruments. The result is better when you add the beat with a beat. The artificial musical intelligence algorithm analyzes these two audio waves and selects which instruments will be used based on the volume of the wave, the duration, the frequency, etc.

Over the past few years, the trend in the media towards the video. Not only are pillars like Facebook focusing heavily on promoting content on video created by users; more recently we've seen apps focusing a lot on that, like Vine and Snapchat (they all became great players). It became clear that while there will probably always be a place for text, photos and videos are now entering their prime.

As video becomes more prevalent in everything, people are looking for the best quality and ways to create original content. Humtap comes precisely to meet this need. Editing, applying filters to photos and videos are really fun things, but where things get really interesting in the music space.

Music and videos go hand in hand, but until recently, there was no easy way for users to add original music to their videos. That now passed!