Humor moment: what would Siri be like in the 1980s?

Virtual assistants are already part of our daily lives, mainly because today there are a myriad of products in which they can reside. THE Crab, which was once synonymous with advances in this regard, now has much more equipped and capable rivals.

Like everything today connected and with increasingly faster processors, it can seem very strange if we remember what it was like a few years ago, especially a few decades ago. Have you ever stopped to think about what a virtual assistant would be like, say 30 years ago? If no, the YouTube channel Squirrel Monkey did an incredible job of imagining and trying to reproduce on video (retr, as it was on VHS) what would be the Siri in the 1980s:

Okay, I was born a little after the end of the 1980s, but I can say with conviction that the time of technological darkness I lived, mainly because I was a less fortunate Brazilian, who tried the news only when they were out of date about five years ago .

This video is not only a very funny reverse concept of Siri (and ghastly what is that voice ?!) and a reference time machine to “Alf the Eteimoso”, Michael Jackson and others, but also a very faithful portrait of the toil that it was to install and run some software at that time. But even if you haven't experienced floppy disk and dial-up internet (I don't miss it, I might add), you will certainly be entertained by the video!

Incidentally, as someone commented and I agree: "For a maximum experience, watch in 144p." 😂

via Mashable