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Hugo Barra now leader of Facebook virtual reality division

Earlier this week we were surprised by the news of Hugo Barra da Xiaomi's exit. According to the executive, his work would be transferred to the United States, marking the return of the former Android boss to Silicon Valley. Now we have some very interesting news about the direction of the executive, to be leader of the virtual reality segment of Facebook.

The announcement of the new post was made by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself through a profile post. As Hugo Barra is solving details of his departure in China, the information was illustrated with an image showing both executives made in 3D dolls. The publication reads as follows:

I am excited that Hugo Barra joins Facebook to lead all our virtual reality efforts, including the Oculus team. Hugo is in China now, so we are together through virtual reality. It seems timely. I've known Hugo for a long time since he helped develop Android. In recent years he has worked at Xiaomi in Beijing bringing innovative devices to millions of people.

Hugo shares my belief that virtual reality and augmented reality will be the next major computing platform. They allow us to try new things and be more creative than ever. Hugo will help build this future, and I look forward to having it on our team.

Xiaomi's directions without Hugo Barra

In fact, the executive's exit will generate some kind of restructuring and change in the business focus of the Chinese company. The first change that we are aware of is that Mi will not be present at MWC 2017 in Barcelona, ​​an event that the Chinese brand usually attends. Mi was at the last issue of CES, but has not revealed any significant releases, apart from some small appliances and a new version of Mi MIX.

AndroidPIT Xiaomi mi mix 2122
This is Mi MIX / AndroidPIT

According to market analysts, Xiaomi is expected to enter a stand-by period, where no major launches will be made and no significant investment or market movement. The next major release of the brand should be the Mi 6, which is still unplanned.

Xiaomi CEO Jun Lei recently said the company was investing in a process of expanding its very fast global presence, and eventually missed the opportunity to establish itself in key markets, such as Brazil.

What's up with Barra on Facebook

Leaving Xiaomi, Hugo Barra takes on an important and very promising area within Facebook, virtual reality, especially the Oculus division. Barra has already commanded the development and launch of Mi VR, which is Xiaomi's virtual reality glasses. In addition, the executive has already led some similar project fronts while on Google, although he has not participated in any major releases of this kind at Big G.

Facebook, in turn, bet that the future of communication, including social networks, is in virtual reality. The company believes that this technology will transform the way people relationship become more immersive. This Facebook division gets huge investments, which should hit the $ 3 billion mark over the next ten years.

Oculus VR was founded in 2012 and launched Oculus Rift, which was a bestseller at that time. Later in 2014, the company was acquired by Facebook, which kept its focus on developing similar products.

A preview of the VR platform being developed by Facebook has already been publicly demonstrated by Mark Zuckerberg, and it is based on 3D dolls and voice commands. Watch a preview of Facebook Social VR on the video below (subtitles on available whys):

Now we have to wait to find out what directions this division has in Hugo Barra's hands on Facebook. It is worth mentioning that other companies have invested in this area of ​​virtual reality, such as Samsung, Google and Alcatel.

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