Huawei's new operating system can be introduced with the Mate 30

Thanks to sanctions imposed by the US government that led to disruption of business relationships with several major suppliers, Huawei has been on the front page of the news for some time, and so any rumors about the future of the company spread faster than ever. . And according to the latest, Huawei's new operating system will be unveiled in September, along with the new Mate 30 series.

We have known for some time that the Chinese giant has been preparing its own operating system as an alternative to Android, and also that Huawei's upcoming smartphones will be part of the Mate 30 family, which is generally introduced in late September. And according to the Central Huawei website, both will reach the hands-on market on September 22.

That is, the Mate 30 and 30 Pro may come equipped with Hongmeng OS, the name given to Huawei's operating system in China, although in the rest of the world the company should choose something more westernized.

AndroidPIT huawei p30 pro back
Huawei P30 Pro, the current flagship of Huawei. / AndroidPIT

And how do we know we will both arrive in September? This is the most interesting part of the story: According to fans and experts, a short film made with the P30 Pro's camera, called Wukong, hides several clues that, for many, are very clear.

In the movie there is a ticket dated 09-22-2019, the day of the presentation of Mate 30, according to the rumors. In another scene you can see a clock that marks 9:10, but the highlight is that the clock hands are moving backwards, indicating a countdown.

These two elements combined suggest that Huawei is preparing a big announcement, and that the Mate 30 and Hongmeng OS may debut on September 22. However, there are those who point to September 10 as the release date.

huawei new the rumors
These are the images that aroused suspicion. / Huawei Central

If we add to this the fact that the company itself indicated that its operating system would arrive in the third quarter of this year, it all makes a lot of sense. However, it will probably be launched initially only in China, and reach Europe and the rest of the world from 2020.

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