Huawei will also have a physical credit card and smartphone payments

Huawei will also have a physical credit card and smartphone payments

Due to the United States embargo on the use of American technology, Huawei has been minting its own ecosystem regardless of a possible positive resolution. During the Chinese launch of the new P40, Richard Yu, CEO of the manufacturer's consumer business area, announced the Huawei Card.

Similar to the Apple Card, it is a mix between the conventional plastic credit card, but also virtual (the already available Huawei Pay), which uses the manufacturer's equipment for payments. Details are still scarce, but as Engadget advances, all data will be stored on the manufacturer's smartphones, ensuring that they are protected by the same system that manages Huawei Pay mobile payments.

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Behind this operation is UnionPay, considered the largest payment card organization. Users can pay via NFC, touching their smartphone to compatible terminals. In order to encourage membership, Huawei is offering the first annual fee free of charge, and for the second year, those who reach a certain amount of payments through the system will also be exempt.

Another strategy of the Chinese company involves partnerships with public transport companies, such as airports and train stations, functioning as a kind of miles. By accumulating points for expenses incurred, users have access to special lounges and other initiatives. There will also be incentives for app offers in your store, for example.

There is still no release date.