Huawei registra nova marca Mate Watch para smartwatch

Huawei registers new Mate Watch brand for smartwatch

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  • Huawei registered a new brand: Mate Watch
  • Speculation says a new line of company watches, which can be geared towards high-end equipment
  • It may also be that the company is renaming its products
  • It may also be that Huawei just wants to register the name for the future
  • There is still no confirmation from the company

Huawei is a large electronics manufacturer with several sub-brands of devices. Apparently, the company is expanding its line of products smartwatches. The brand's smart watches and bracelets are already widely marketed. Despite this, a new record shows that the company can start distributing these products under the name Kill Watch.

As already mentioned, the company already sells other models in the segment. They are called Watch GT, the last release being the Watch GT 2e, a few weeks ago.

There were some rumors that this new brand would be high-end devices. This means that the specifications are better and the price higher. That's because there is a line of smartphones from the company that already has the prefix Kill. Then the clocks could match with the other devices.


Beautiful design, good performance and autonomy are the highlights of the wearable

Other companies already do this. An example to Samsung, that starts several of your devices with the name Galaxy. This is repeated not only for smartphones, but also for other gadgets sold by the brand. Apparently, Huawei may just be renaming its devices to have a unit in the brand.

There is the possibility that the Chinese is renaming its line, creating a larger unit in the names of its devices. But, there is also the possibility of a new brand, with differentiated products, which can be marketed to a different audience.

If the company decides to make a new line, the brand Honor it would be aimed at products with a slightly lower budget, thus offering options with more savings. Mate would be aimed at a more demanding audience, offering a product with better hardware and technologies, and also being more expensive.

A good time for an official announcement would be along with smartphones Kill 30. These devices are expected to hit the market later this year. Huawei could also present a new line of smartwatches, on the same date.

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Nothing has yet been confirmed by the company. There is also the possibility that Huawei is just wanting to reserve your brand name for the future.

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