Huawei P20 Pro retains best camera lead and leaves Note 9 second

Huawei P20 Pro retains best camera lead and leaves Note 9 second

The Galaxy Note was launched last month, and Samsung has brought it the best, with high end specs in a smartphone that pleased a lot. Even launched over a month ago, the device still yields news and affairs, after all we are talking about the best smartphone from Samsung today.

Not surprisingly, DxOMark, which specializes in camera analysis, released the full review of the Galaxy Note 9 cameras. Overall, the smartphone received a score of 103 points, ranking second with the HTC U12 + behind Huawei P20 Pro only has 109 points.

To reach this final score, DxOMark performs the tests as follows; First tested the smartphone's performance for taking pictures. In this category Note 9 scored 107 points, ahead of the iPhone X, which has a score of 101 points, and Pixel 2, which has a score of 99 points.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy note9 camera app
Galaxy Note 9 / AndroidPIT

The second test measured the performance of the device in relation to video recordings and in this regard the Galaxy Note 9 scored below Pixel 2, thus getting 94 points against 96 of Google's smartphone. Regarding the iPhone X, the device was ahead, since the Apple device scored 89 points.

According to the DxOMark website, the South Korean giant's smartphone stands out for its more accurate autofocus and also for its faster and more efficient optical stabilization. Another strength is the greater zoom capability and a much more realistic boken effect compared to competitors. However, the flash did not please much, as experts say inaccuracies in the white balance and exposure.

Opera Instant 2018 09 10 145300 www.dxomark
Galaxy Note 9 full score / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Recalling the test performed on the main cameras, where the Galaxy Note 9 has two sensors with 12 MP each. The main one has variable aperture f / 1.5 and f / 2.4. J the second sensor has an aperture of f / 2.4 only. At the front the device has only an 8 MP sensor with f / 1.7 aperture.

The DxOMark site does a completely professional test, where many claim it doesn't apply much to the average user who just pulls the smartphone out of his pocket and takes the picture without touching the manual options the camera software offers. However, there's no denying that Note 9 makes great photos.

And what do you think about the Galaxy Note 9 cameras?

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