Huawei may overtake Samsung in the market for 5G smartphones manufactured worldwide in 2020

Huawei may overtake Samsung in the market for 5G smartphones manufactured worldwide in 2020

Samsung, which is currently behind Huawei when we talk about delivering 5G smartphones on the world market, may see these differences against Huawei widen in 2020 if the Korea-based brand fails to significantly increase its 5G smartphone manufacturing for the Chinese market this year, according to sources linked to the production chain in Taiwan.

According to data from the Chinese Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), shipments of 5G smartphones in China reached 13.77 million units in 2019 and were available in 35 models.

In January 2020, Chinese mobile phone suppliers launched another 10 new 5G models, bringing the total shipments of 5G smartphones in the month to 5.47 million units, the data showed.

In addition, the number of 5G subscribers in Korea reached around five million by the end of 2019, with the top three telephone operators making 5G available since August 2019.

In other words, monthly shipments of 5G smartphones in China in January surpassed shipments in Korea for the entire year 2019.

Among Chinese cellphone brands, Huawei sold 6.9 million smartphones 5G in 2019, representing almost 50% of the segment in China in the year, according to CAICT data. Huawei's 5G models include Mate 30 5G, Nova 6 5G, Mate 20X 5G and Honor V30 5G.

"It will be difficult for Samsung to fight again in the Chinese smartphone market if it does not increase the shipment of 5G smartphones to the Chinese market," commented the sources involved.

Global smartphone shipments 5G is expected to reach about 160-170 million units in 2020, with about 80-110 million units shipped to the Chinese market, according to the latest forecast from companies researching the mobile technology market.

And, judging by Huawei's performance so far, the vendor is likely to sell between 40 and 50 million smartphones 5G in China in 2020, according to research by CAICT.

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