Honor MagicBook Pro display

Huawei launches 16 ″ MagicBook Pro – it’s just not that much of a “Pro”…

If on the one hand Apple may be planning to launch a 16 ″ MacBook Pro later this year, on the other hand Huawei has decided to go ahead and launch its machine with approximately the same dimensions: o Honor MagicBook Pro. According to information from the Gizchina, this is the first 16.1-inch notebook in the world with a borderless screen and, apparently, lighter (1.7 kg) than the 15 ″ (1.83 kg) MacBook Pro.

Disregarding Huawei’s own notebook nomenclature (which we already know where the inspiration came from), the MagicBook Pro is not exactly new, but the model recently announced is the first to feature a larger screen (Full HD, with 16 aspect ratio) : 9 and 100% sRGB color range).

Honor MagicBook Pro display

However, despite sharing a similar name, the two machines are not comparable: the top-of-the-line model is equipped with an Intel Core i7-8565U processor with a TDP of only 15W, against 45W in the latest MacBooks Pro. This means that the processor implemented in the MagicBook Pro is designed for tasks that consume less power than chips, which have a clock 1.8GHz.

Graphically, the Huawei notebook has a GeForce MX250 card from NVIDIA. Furthermore, the machine has a built-in biometric digital reader, 8GB of RAM and SSD of up to 512GB (there is also an option with 16GB of RAM and 1TB SSD being tested) – so it is possible to say that the The performance of the MagicBook Pro is closer to that of the MacBook Air, and not to top-of-the-line models from Apple’s “Pro” line.

An advantage of the MagicBook Pro’s 16 ″ screen is touch sensitivity, in addition to other functions that support gestures from the front camera. Speaking of the camera, Huawei continued to use the design, let’s say, peculiar, installing it on the keyboard of the MagicBook Pro from a “retractable key”.

Honor MagicBook Pro webcam

The Honor MagicBook Pro will hit Chinese stores later this month, starting at CNY5,500 (~ R $ 3,000). It is not yet clear whether the machine will be launched in other markets.

Huawei also introduced new Honor smartphones with triple camera and fitness tracking smartwatches.

via Liliputing