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Huawei lana AI Cube, its first smart speaker

THE Huawei introduced its new smart speaker called AI Cube, which is enough to compete with devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod.


The confirmation comes from a new report presented by market analysis firm Gartner.

As the site points out Gizmo Chinadespite the Chinese company being the second largest smartphone maker Android around the world, they chose to use the virtual assistant of Google.

Instead, the Huawei AI Cube will be driven by Amazon Alexa. This allows him to hear the user's voice commands and answer questions. In addition, the product can control smart appliances, stream music and other features.

According to Amazon, Alexa has a library with over 50,000 skills. Meanwhile, the AI ​​Cube can be used as a 4G internet router by bringing a slot with carrier chip support.

Huawei's smart speaker also serves as a traditional dual band function wireless internet router ie in addition to the traditional 2.4GHz frequency it also operates at 5GHz which is better for online gaming and streaming. It has a speed of 1,200Mbps for comparison, the average internet speed in the Brazil 16.25 Mbps.

During the IFA 2018, a major technology event that takes place in Berlin, the Chinese manufacturer presented the Huawei Locator. The product is a small locator that relies on GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou signals. It is useful for emergencies and in places where phones cannot be used.

Via: Gizmo China