Huawei Introduces Wi-Fi Q2 Pro Router with 200 Mbps Broadband Coverage

Huawei launched its new router during IFA 2019 Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 Pro, model equipped with Gigahome 5630 PLC gigabit modem chipset and PLC Turbo technology. The Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 Pro router promises to improve interference reduction for PLC networks by achieving high-speed, low-latency data transfers, as well as supporting high-speed broadband connections. 200 Mbps and faster optical fiber.


Huawei P30 and P30 Pro models are already in beta system test

The Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 Pro can be connected to weak signal areas to extend coverage, including large or multi-storey homes. The product features automatic selection, dual band, continuous roaming and automatic channel optimization technologies. The Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 Pro has the purpose to solve the interference problems that occur during the transmission of the network signal. It uses Huawei's gigabit PLC modem chip and PLC Turbo technology to reduce noise and improve signal quality between the base and satellite routers. Compared to its predecessor, the Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 Pro achieves significantly higher network speeds and lower latency.

The Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 Pro 3 Pack Hybrid version utilizes 5GHz mesh Wi-Fi technology and hybrid PLC and Wi-Fi networking to provide connection speeds that can reach up to 1,867 Mbps. In addition to a 50% to 120% increase in network speed, the product also supports automatic dual band selection and uninterrupted roaming, automatically connects users to the hotspot and band frequency with the strongest signal, optimizing Wi- channels. Fi to prevent interference from nearby signals.

The Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 Pro is compatible with next-generation IPv6 network communication protocol, which enhances user privacy and network security. IPv6 addresses are randomly generated by combining the IP address prefixes assigned by the ISP's servers with the device's MAC address, making penetration difficult. The encryption options offered by the IPv6 protocol ensure first level security on the router and connected devices.

Huawei has not yet announced when the Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 Pro hits the market or possible values ​​of the device.

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