Huawei: Goodbye to Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

Following the US ban on telecommunications giant Huawei, Facebook has decided to terminate the partnership for its smartphones. Are Huawei and Honor getting ready to say goodbye to Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram? Yes, but there is no reason to panic …

Facebook is only the last of the US companies that have decided to end their business relationship with Huawei. Although the ban was lifted until August 19, it appears that Zuckerberg has decided not to wait and stop any partnership with the Chinese brand now.

Huawei suffers, users rejoice

Obviously, as this is a business partnership, Huawei will be financially affected by this Facebook decision. The decision, however, only concerns the presence of applications that are normally found at system startup: from now on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp will no longer be pre-installed on Huawei and Honor smartphones.

From the users' point of view, this is not really a tragedy. There have been many complaints (not just for Huawei) because these apps are already pre-installed on many smartphones and cannot be removed but only disabled. There was no doubt about each other's privacy security, especially as a result of the dust raised by Cambridge Analytica that has not yet been completely eliminated.

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Less dollars for Huawei, but less bloatware for users! / Ink Drop / Shutterstock

The end of the partnership does not mean, however, that Chinese-branded smartphones will be incompatible with Facebook's social and messaging apps. For users already using a Huawei device, nothing changes. What will change is just the situation of smartphones coming to store shelves soon, but still being able to install these apps from the Google Play Store, just like everyone else.

Do you think Facebook was too rushed with its own decision that precedes the final ban in August?

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