Huawei continues to put smartphone and AI at the center of its technology strategy

Huawei continues to put smartphone and AI at the center of its technology strategy

Huawei reaffirmed its strategy on the future of its intelligent assistant, with Duan Mengran, director of AI All-Scenario Solution at Huawei, highlighting the importance of artificial intelligence at the center of its technological solutions. This recent Huawei department focuses its action on the new formula 1 + 8 + N, which was announced last year. In other words, connectivity in different settings, whether in an office environment or at home, using the equipment, but placing the smartphone at the center of the experience. The 1 represents the smartphone that can share content for 8 devices, be it the PC, tablet, speakers, glasses and smart watches, earphones, through the use of artificial intelligence.

J o N means the entire IoT ecosystem, such as printers, consoles, projectors and other outputs that are connected seamlessly. Through sharing, for example, you can pass the sound from the television to the speakers, or the image from the smartphone to the PC, as well as send files or make phone calls in a simple way for users. The company argues that it will not even be necessary to pick up the smartphone to perform these tasks together with the PC, since everything is done instantly and intuitively, with voice commands. And you can't "ignore" the "+" signs in the formula: The first represents Huawei Share proprietary technology; the second "+" the company's 4G / 5G Hilink connectivity.

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As Duan Mengran explained to SAPO TEK, connectivity uses wi-fi as a basis, in the communication between the smartphone and the PC, for example. The files and data are sent to a kind of transfer tray, which is available for other equipment such as the computer. The process will be optimized by its AI technology, to speed up the transfer. According to Huawei, the transmission between smartphones will be very fast, reaching 8 MBbits of speed.

Asked the question about an alternative to Android Auto, the company says it is working with different car manufacturers to include the use of smartphones in the replacement of keys. It also has some interactive features, in the use of the smartphone through voice commands to access applications such as maps and music from systems equipped in cars. However, the company dodged a question about an internal version of full experience, like Google's Android Auto and Apple's Car Play.

Huawei says that it is already the second manufacturer in the distribution of smartwatches on the market, noting that it has been very well received by consumers, for its battery life and unique features. The company will continue to support this health and well-being segment, both professionally and in the general public. New features for wearables will be introduced in the coming months, including the introduction of the smart assistant Celia. Its equipment is accessible, and will become even easier to use thanks to its AI system, stresses Duan Mengran, and it will also become the control center for other equipment.

Despite the difficulties, Huawei highlights the growth in sales of its smartphones. It also highlights the growth of the developers' ecosystem, with the incentive to launch apps on smartphones, as well as other intelligent equipment in the infrastructure. Huawei continues to add new technology solutions to its operating system, such as multi-screen support.