Huawei continues to invest in its HongMeng OS system

Huawei has been developing its mystery-filled alternative to Google from Google. Learn a little more about HongMeng OS.

After clashing with the US government, China's Huawei has gone even further into developing its mobile solution, even with the temporary white flag the company is still developing HongMeng OS. We report every case in this post. hongmeng-os-huawei-android-mobile-laptop-test-smartphone

Developed 7 keys, HongMeng OS so far the name of the new enterprise system, which may change in the future. It is full of mystery and little is known about it. Huawei has been rigorous in its testing and recruiting several Chinese for this task. Apparently, even using Google's Android, the company has its escape plan. Obviously, the situation with the American government is very delicate and uncertain. With that, the Chinese giant is already preparing for the worst, a possible absence of the green robot in its future smartphones.

One of these testers contacted the site Huaweicentral and reported his experience of using the system. Of course, images and videos were not shown, as the company is very strict and controls any and all access during testing on HongMeng OS. However, we can catch a glimpse of the features reported by this user.

Possible HongMeng OS Features

As reported by the user who tested the system, some of its features and characteristics are:

  • Totally different interface from EMUI (currently used on Android by Huawei), with redesigned icons, distinctive ringtones and sounds, faster and smoother animations and transitions. New notification panel and a relatively large search bar;
  • User interface with phone activation, new animation options and customization by default;
  • Always on Display (AOD) support, a feature that lets you view information by locking and turning off the screen. With this, HongMeng OS AOD would not only give you the option to display the time on screen, such as: message reminder, widgets and more;
  • New message reminder mode;
  • Camera app with a concise and easy to understand interface. This one remembers the company's current app (on the Huawei P30), however, with some controllers and additional aspects.

Interestingly some system resources could not be clickable, this could mean two things. The interface is still in full development, which is most likely, or Huawei does not want to tray all the news of its operating system. Continuing his report, the tester noted that the changes made to the functionality of the OS showed a sense of novelty, with some minor details that caused this effect. When asked by Huaweicentral about which device the test was being performed, the user declined to give such information.

hongmeng-os-huawei-android-mobile-laptop-test-smartphone It is rumored that Huawei plans to launch its operating system with its flagship Huawei Mate 30. But, nothing confirmed by the company. We can see that these news are not intended for EMUI, something that was also speculated. We don't know if HongMeng OS will be solely mobile focused or if Huawei plans to ship its operating system on laptops. We even speculated on this topic in this post, if you want to see a possibility, besides using HongMeng OS, on branded laptops. What if it was Linux? Now wait and see what all this history is all about, so take part in our Diolinux Plus forum and stay on top of news.

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