Huawei CEO says inspired by Apple's privacy policy

THE Huawei Of those who hit and then come with love: After encouraging an attempt to boycott Apple in China, now CEO of Chinese manufacturer Ren Zhengfei said that the Cupertino giant inspires the company, especially as it secures its customers' data. .

Zhengfei explained during an interview to the CNBC, that Huawei will never provide data from its users to the Chinese government, mirroring Ma's commitment to the privacy of this information. According to the executive, the data belongs to the users themselves, and on Huawei.

The data is the property of our customers, not ours. () We, as equipment suppliers, do not track any data.

Still about never having shared information from users, the executive fanned the possibility that if this had happened, Huawei would probably not sell any more products in more than 170 countries including the United States.

We will never do such a thing (share user data). If we had ever done that, the US would have evidence to spread across the world. Then the 170 countries and regions where we currently operate would no longer buy our products, and our company would collapse.

Not to mention that the above speech also leaves a flea behind the ear: what kind of "evidence" would the US government have access to, and why would that mean the company could no longer sell in several countries? The question remains.

Zhengfei's statements have surfaced in a troubled period for Huawei, which faces the consequences of a brief ban on US territory. Last May, the White House set strict Chinese sanctions, and although Huawei has recently resumed its US sales, it is not yet known whether it can continue to use Google services (such as Android) on its devices.

via 9to5Mac