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Huawei Brazil investigates offensive pots in its Twitter account

At dawn on Thursday (28) Huawei's Twitter profile here in Brazil made two strikes that caused controversy on the Internet in recent days, one said: "It's Black Friday. FUCK-SEEE. But poor will not be able to buy our gadgets. GO COMMUNISM! " Another tute was posted mentioning Apple's official profile and it said "Motherfuckers, suck my dick! We are the best!" (Motherfuckers, suck my cock! We are the best!).

After the publications, the company retracted, apologizing to customers for the inconvenience and claiming that the necessary steps were being taken. Also informed that their kiosks would be open with surprises and discounts due to this, but this tute also ended up being deleted afterwards.

Microsoft Receives Permission to Continue Selling Software to Huawei

In a note, the company states that identified misuse of your Huawei Brazil account on Twitter and investigating. It also stressed that "it respects the public and competitors and disapproves of any aggressive comments to any companies".

Huawei has been operating in Brazil for 20 years participating in the infrastructure market, but returned to sell smartphones in the country in May after four years away. The company is being accused by the Donald Trump government in the United States of espionage and has suffered market sanctions in the country, leading to varied commercial developments. Here, as pointed out by Karla Ikuma, superintendent of Analtel (National Telecommunications Agency), Brazil does not intend to impose manufacturer barriers.

As part of the latest developments in the Huawei and US relationship, Microsoft was allowed to continue selling software to the Chinese company, the export license was previously denied as a boycott.

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