HTC Vive virtual reality glasses are expected to support macOS in a few months

The wave of virtual reality seems to be increasingly taking off with the arrival of several headsets like Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Gear VR, HTC Vive, among others. Nevertheless, the Oculus founder himself ruled out the possibility of a Mac supporting the headset It requires more robust specifications, which has left many users frustrated. Fortunately, the HTC Vive swam to the opposite side and should get to macOS right away.

HTC Vive

O Vive one headset of virtual reality produced by HTC jointly Valve company responsible for Steam, one of the largest digital game distribution services. Currently, the titles available for the service RV platform, the so-called SteamVR, only support Windows. However, during a developer talk, executive Joe Ludwig demonstrated the use of the platform on Linux and stated that it will arrive "in a few months" for both this system and macOS, as the site said. Road to VR.

According to Ludwig, the company's philosophy is that RV should be an open initiative, so that users have no limitations according to the platform used. Therefore, the service will also be supported on other systems. The news is great, but even when this happens there will be some limitations:

The vast majority of applications that integrate with SteamVR are now processed using Microsoft DirectX APIs, as you can imagine, are unique to Windows. For a game to run on an operating system other than Windows, it must support a graphical API such as OpenGL and its successor Vulkan.

Even with the limitations, we hope this will enable more people to experience this virtual world. More than that, I look forward to the day when I can try out HTC Vive and see the giant GLaDOS in front of me in the free VR game “The LAB” (“Portal” players will understand if you have never played, I advise you to look for both 1 as 2, because they are masterpieces 😝).

Some time ago, it was rumored that Apple was creating its own headset of virtual reality. However, this idea has recently been dismissed by the emergence of a rumor about some augmented reality glasses that would work with the iPhone. As Ma has reported several times, RA is a better option because it would enable interaction with both the real and virtual worlds.

(via AppleInsider)