HTC revela os primeiros detalhes do seu novo headset VR, Vive Cosmos

HTC Unveils Early Details of Its New VR Headset, Vive Cosmos

During CES 2019 the HTC revealed its latest project for a new VR device. It was the Live Cosmos, a virtual reality headset that promises to bring some significant improvements to its line of handsets.

Even with the presentation in this edition of the event, the first information about its specifications came only now, with a publication on its Twitter official who made clear some of the improvements we should expect on his next VR headset. The first of these is the expected improvement in image, as the company has stated that the screen of the device will be the most beautiful seen so far in its line. The resolution shall be 2880×1700 (1440 x 1700 on each display), one 88% increase compared to Vive Original and 10% higher than Vive Pro's resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels.

The image also confirms the Vive Cosmos to experience 90 frames per second, like its predecessor, with a40% improvement in lens claritythanks to the use of new and improved RGB panels. In addition, HTC's new virtual reality headset will feature a six cameras which promise to greatly improve environment tracking, with room-scale enhancements and advanced monitoring.

In its design the Vive Cosmos VR also has some interesting changes, starting with the new design developed by HTC that promises more efficient heat dissipation, allowing even after long periods of use to still deliver good performance and low temperature. There was a change also in your face plate, that the socket on the front of the device is now a modular part of the headset, meaning that the user will be able to compare a new part if he has a problem with the original.


New version of Vive Focus features a second accelerometer joystick

The change for a design flip up – raising and lowering the display – another nice implementation, as it is no longer necessary to remove the headset from the ears to lift the display, it can now be moved independently.

Unfortunately the company has not revealed more information about the new controls, which will also have a design quite different from the usual Vive peripherals. HTC is expected to present more information soon, including compatibility with other gadgets, performance and especially, regarding its value and availability, two very restrictive points for many users.

To stay on top of the upcoming HTC VR gadgets and Vive Cosmos itself, visit the manufacturer's website at this link here.

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