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HTC mocks Nokia in the hard face!

It seems that tendency among manufacturers to mock others in increasingly objective advertisements. This time around, HTC was the one who, in an initially harmless infographic, ended up directly attacking one of the biggest competitors in the smartphone market when it comes to the mobile camera: Nokia.

Last year we published here on AndroidPIT an infographic "Smartphone of Dreams", where we gathered some of the best specifications already used in smart phones, in the opinion of most publishers of the site, Nokia took the trophy on camera, with PureView Nokia 808 41MP. That's right, a 41MP smartphone camera, something simply unbeatable. But not for HTC.

Using a narrative about the evolution of mobile photographic cameras, in an infographic entitled The History of Photography, the Taiwanese manufacturer began talking about the photographic process Daguerretipo, created by the French Louis Daguerre, in 1837, through the popularization of photography and, finally, , arrives at cameras in the mobile era. After gonging the iPhone 4S, saying that Apple brought a technology that HTC had already launched a year ago – HTC Droid Incredible 8MP camera – Taiwanese advertisers took it down and cited a passage from a review article by a Gizmodo editor, who claimed that all this megapixel was no help.

In the image below, you can see the words used by HTC in the history of photography infographic:

Just below the Nokia 808 41MP PureView camera comment, the company says: HTC will launch a new sound and camera experience in 2013. HTC Blog

According to the Pocket-lint website, the HTC maker plans to launch a 4.3 "ultra-fx" Foveon X3 sensor camera capable of detecting red, green and blue colors in three different layers. The result would be as if we had three different cameras in just one. The goal is to create higher quality, sharper and clearer images, making them more real, that is, with more detail than today's 13 MP cameras. And, it seems, HTC plans that this new "camera experience" will come with the release of the company's new flagship M7.

Honestly, in order to have the craze of going public and mocking a chain of Nokia's caliber, HTC must be developing something truly innovative, something that, as it has gone with the infographic, changes the history of photography (to mobile)!

Anyway, we'll find out for ourselves on February 19, when HTC is expected to announce its latest generation handset at simultaneous events in New York and London.

In your opinion, is HTC working on something that will make your eyes shine, or was this act deliberate, unaware of the consequences of such statements? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Images: HTC Blog

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