HTC may re-manufacture the Nexus line

Although HTC made the first smartphone with Android (T-Mobile G1) and designed the first device in the Nexus Line, the Nexus One, Google chose Samsung in the later manufacture of the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus (Galaxy X in Brazil).

However, according to information gathered by Google Discovery sources, HTC may again be chosen to launch the new generation of Google Phone. There are not many details available but the Mountain View giant would be pleased with the company's evolution in the construction of the HTC One X.

The devices of the Nexus line, which function as a showcase of innovation and pure experience of the Google platform, have been manufactured annually by companies chosen by the Android team, or rather, by the head of the division, Andy Rubin.

Other rumors, released a few months ago, also say the company would have consolidated plans to launch a version 5.0 of Android, known as Jelly Bean, still in mid-2012.

Image: HTC Nexus One, released in January 2010.