HTC is developing its own smartphone OS

HTC is developing its own smartphone OS

HTC is never tired of surprising in 2013. After the launch of HTC One, came the HTC One promotional campaign with Robert Downey Jr., the return gift to Brazil and now the company is developing its own operating system. Will HTC abandon Android?

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Does HTC put Android aside? / AndroidPIT

HTC is developing mobile software focused on the Chinese market. With this, the Taiwanese manufacturer plans to boost sales of its smartphones in that country. According to WSJThe project is closely monitored by the company's CEO Cher Wang, who appears to maintain a close relationship with the Chinese government. The software involves deep integration with Chinese applications such as the Weibo microblog (a kind of Twitter) and is scheduled to launch before the end of the year.

HTC enters the Chinese government's political game to encourage the development of a local and unique software ecosystem to reduce dependence on Western companies. China's Ministry of Technology said in March that the country's mobile phone industry is heavily dependent on Google's Android operating system, and praised internet giants in China, such as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Baidu Inc., who created their own. systems.

Google in China

In China, the Play Store may offer limited apps and Google's search engine has been banned for some time. So Android users in the country don't have a full experience with the Big G. OS Making room with their own software in the country, so it doesn't seem like a very difficult task for HTC.

HTC vs. Google

Like Acer, HTC is part of the Open Handset Allianceby Google, which requires companies to adhere to certain standards set by the search giant. Although nothing has yet been made official, people familiar with the topic said that smartphones running the operating system are already in testing and some prototypes have already been sent to the Chinese authorities.

However, it is not yet clear whether HTC's operating system will be entirely its own. Apparently, there has been a change of plans over the past year and the company has not yet defined whether it would be a totally different operating system or a user interface built on top of Android, according to sources linked to the project.

The Trend of Alternative Operating Systems

Despite HTC's efforts to grab a portion of the mobile market dominated by Google (79% in the second quarter of the year) and Apple (14.2% in the same period), the numbers are against it. Only 4% of this market corresponds to the so-called "other" operating systems. Besides, the Taiwanese is not the first to flirt with this idea. Samsung is investing in Tizen, a mobile platform of its own developed in partnership with Intel Corp. In addition to South Korea, Finnish startup Jolla Ltd., made up of former Nokia engineers, launched the Sailfish operating system earlier this year.

If HTC makes the right investment, it is too early to know. As we know the Chinese market is the eye of many companies, but it can also be the Achilles heel of many of them. Always preferred competition competition, especially in this case where HTC bump into Google in a closed market. However, it is well established that HTC is not afraid to fight big fish.

And, what do you think of companies that are investing in new operating systems? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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