HTC introduces new VR headset family with removable components

The new generation of virtual reality headsets are giving the market breath and stimulating demand.

This is mainly due to the new Oculus Quest, which in addition to being cheaper than other wireless solutions, in the $ 400 range.

HTC also launched the Vive Cosmos, which is also wireless and much simpler to use than its first versions, but the price is almost double that of its rival, around 700 dollars.

The company seems to have found a solution to meet different market needs, in a more accessible price range, in different models.

HTC will have three new models of its Vive Cosmos headset: Cosmos Play, Cosmos XR and Cosmos Elite.

They all share the same core, but with different front covers (faceplate), and in the case of Cosmos Play, this can be replaced later, says Engadget.

Cosmos Play is similar to the original Cosmos, but has been stripped of some components to make it more economical.

For example, instead of the six tracking cameras there will be only four, in addition to not having the headphones included, requiring an independent system to listen to the contents.

Otherwise, the specifications will be the same as those of the Cosmos family, including a 2880×1700 resolution LCD screen, with a 110 degree field of view and a 90 Hz refresh rate.

It also has a flip-up viewfinder.

Although the price has not been revealed, it is estimated to be the low end, costing around 400 dollars.

For gamers, the company proposes the Vive Cosmos Elite, presenting a faceplate with an external tracking system.

It includes two first generation base stations, along with a pair of controllers and a built-in headset system.

The price is around 990 dollars and pre-booking starts on February 24th, and includes two free months of Viveport Infinity subscription.

The promised support for mods allows users to change the Faceplatedos Cosmos headsets, namely to update the Play version to the more advanced, with support for external tracking that is equipped in the Elite, for a price of 220 dollars.

Finally, the Vive Cosmos XRque model allows mixed reality experiences based on a VR headset, which is aimed mainly at the business sector.

The base of the system is that of Play, including four tracking cameras, but has two additional high-resolution cameras on the front, with a 100 degree field of view.

The objective is to maintain visual contact with reality, but to obtain digital information on the display.