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HP Reverb G2 is the result of a partnership between HP, Microsoft and Valve to innovate the virtual reality headset market

With state-of-the-art audio and video systems, the HP Reverb G2 is a great solution for those looking for great gaming immersion

In a world where people must keep a minimum distance from each other and avoid crowds due to the new coronavirus pandemic, HP is ready to offer a new way of approaching through virtual reality (VR). To this end, the company launched in July the HP Reverb G2, the brand's newest VR headset.

Developed in partnership with Microsoft and the Valve two market leaders in virtual reality technology HP Reverb G2 it is an innovative product that offers cutting-edge optical technology, 3D space audio, comfort for use for several consecutive hours, in addition to being the highest resolution VR headset among all models from the main manufacturers in the world.

According to Spike Huang, global vice president of HP's virtual reality division, the world is currently experiencing a perfect time for the popularization of VR, and the HP Reverb G2 it brings state-of-the-art technology for greater immersion in games and interactive immersive experiences, in addition to providing higher rates of engagement and retention in use for training courses and education in general.

What to expect from the HP Reverb G2

hp reverb g2 With lenses developed by Valve, the HP Reverb G2 delivers the highest resolution of a virtual reality headset on the market (Image: HP)

Developed with the help of Microsoft and Valve, the HP Reverb G2 it brings several improvements over its predecessor, and delivers a perfect headset for those who need quality equipment for use in virtual reality games.

The equipment's main differential lies in the device's lenses: designed by Valve, the new HP Reverb G2 bring significant improvements to the visual experience of users, with full RGB definition and 2K resolution in each eye. This allows the user to view the textures more clearly, greatly improving the gaming experience. In addition, the equipment also has a field of view of 114, which prevents the user from seeing the actual location where they are through the gaps in the device, further increasing the immersion.

Another major improvement in the headset's sound system, with a solution ready to support the call space audio. This effect is created by using proprietary technologies from Microsoft and HP Labs in conjunction with artificial intelligence algorithms, which create new ways of processing sound signals based on psychoacoustics (a branch of science that studies how humans perceive different sounds). This allows the user to feel that the sounds he hears are coming from several different points in the scene, and not just from the headphones in his ears, further increasing the sensation of immersion.

hp reverb g2 Changes to controls and pads make the HP Reverb G2 more comfortable and responsive to gaming (Image: HP)

It is also possible to find news in the controllers of the HP Reverb G2, which have new intuitive control features that, in addition to being easily paired via Bluetooth for a faster configuration, also include an optimized button format that will make it much easier to use in games. The headset also has four Window Mixed Reality cameras, which provide greater movement capture while eliminating the need to use external sensors or light indicators.

THE HP Reverb G2 It is also much more comfortable than its predecessor, and has a larger face mask cushion to ensure more comfort in extended sessions, in addition to a series of optional facial seals that can be replaced and thus facilitate cleaning between one session and another. In addition, the headset also includes support for Windows Mixed Reality and SteamVR, ensuring that the user can access all major games and applications available for virtual reality without having to worry about complex configurations.

For now, there is still no set date for the launch, but HP promises that the product should arrive in the Brazilian market between the months of September and October. There is still no set price for the Brazilian market, but the HP Reverb G2 is now available for pre-order on the official United States HP website for $ 599.99.

Source: HP