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How will the National Identification Document (DNI) work on mobile | Productivity

The National Documentary Digital Identification (DNI) promises to digitize official physical identity documents. The news will offer access to the Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF), Voter Title and online birth and marriage certificates through the Vio app also responsible for the National Driver's License (CNH Digital). Interested parties can download the app from the official stores, Google Play and App Store, for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. The implementation of the DNI by government agencies was postponed to March 1, 2020 by Decree No. 9,713 of February 21, 2019 the forecast was March 1, 2019.

Responsible for issuing the digital document, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) coordinates the National Civil Identification Program (ICN), of which the initiative is part. When it reaches the public, DNI will generate a unique numeric sequence of nine digits while maintaining the respective numbers of the printed documents. As stated by the TSE, information security will be ensured by encryption. In addition, a QR Code will be generated with each new access and thus the data will be related to the date and time of entry. The application is expected to bring in a 20-character verification code to be displayed in watermark format.

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DNI will have a sequence of nine digits and require the use of biometrics or password for access to digital documents.DNI will have a sequence of nine digits and require the use of biometrics or password for access to digital documents.

DNI will have a sequence of nine digits and require the use of biometrics or password for access to digital documents.

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The judiciary will use the government database to capture the biometric and biographical information of the population. A task will be done with the Presidency of the Republic to certify the dispatch of DNI by the organs. These, in turn, will form a partnership with the TSE to align the biometric identification standard used by the Electoral Justice, which covers the collection of the ten fingerprints of the hand and the capture of the citizen's face. See below for more details on the arrival of the National Identification Document (DNI) on your mobile phone.

DNI stands for National Digital Identification Document, with which it will be possible to digitally carry the following documents: Individual Taxpayer (CPF), Voter Title, Birth and Marriage Certificate. The investment will allow remote access by electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches. At first, the CPF and the Electoral Title will be the first to appear on the platform and, progressively, the others should be included. It is expected that the Identity Card (RG) may also be on the platform.

Holders of the electronic document may present it in establishments that request identification without the need for their respective papers. The mechanism will be valid throughout the national territory. To access DNI, users will need to have a 6-digit password or enrolled fingerprint for biometric reading in the Vio app for Google and Apple. If the device with digital documents is lost or stolen, the service disconnection may be activated.

The DNI is expected to be publicly accessible on March 1, 2020, according to Decree No. 9,713 of February 21, 2019, promulgated by President Jair Messias Bolsonaro. The measure amends Decree No. 9,278 of February 5, 2018, which set the date of March 1, 2019 for the decision to take effect. The DNI had a pilot phase until June 2018, when tests were conducted with the servers of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

What do I need to issue?

The issuance of DNI is free and requires the holder of documents to pre-register through the application, compatible with electronic devices such as mobile and tablet. The software system will then inform the applicant's nearest service desk to validate the document. When attending the indicated place, the applicant will make a biometric register, fingerprint collection and photo capture at the Electoral Court if they have not been done before.

What happens to the old document?

So far, there is no official confirmation as to what should be done with the old printed documents. That is, the loss of validity for DNI is not foreseen so far. The complete replacement of printed versions by digital ones has not been mentioned either. Citizens who do not have an electronic device for DNI registration may have the ICN number on their printed document.

Via TSE and Plateau (1 and 2)

PDF file opens: what to do? Ask questions on the dnetc forum.

How to register CNH Digital and activate in the services portal

How to register CNH Digital and activate in the services portal