How to virtually visit the National Museum before the fire

One of the most striking facts of this year 2018 was the tragedy that occurred in one of the greatest historical and cultural heritage in Brazil. O National museum, which celebrated its 200th anniversary, located in Rio de Janeiro, the largest museum of natural and anthropological history in Latin America, and, unfortunately, almost all of its collection was destroyed by fire.

However, a partnership had been signed in 2016 between Google, UFRJ and the Ministry of Culture (MinC). And so, it was possible to create a virtual tour through several rooms and part of the collection. Images from the National Museum were already being recorded before the fire.

National Museum on Google Arts & Culture

The collection of the National Museum covered more than 20 million items, among them the skull of Luzia, the Bendeg Meteorite, dinosaurs, mias and more. So the damage is irreversible.

Above all, with the partnership mentioned above, O Google Arts & Culture started working with the museum to put his collection online. This way, the museum can be visited anywhere in the world. With that, you can ‘enter’ the museum and learn about the lost collection through images of Street View and online exhibitions.

Download Google Arts & Culture

First, download the Arts & Culture app from Google on your iPhone or iPad. Use this link or the box below:

Google Arts & Culture Google Arts & Culture

Then, access the National Museum's collection virtually through this link.

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