How to use your GoPro HERO8 Black as a webcam on macOS

How to use your GoPro HERO8 Black as a webcam on macOS

Update of the GoPro HERO8 Black allows you to use the camera to make video calls on macOS.

THE GoPro launched the GoPro Webcam feature that allows you to use the HERO8 Black steel camera as a webcam for making video calls with wide angle and 1080p in high definition for computers with macOS via USB cable.

The desktop program that should arrive soon for Windows computers aims to deliver, through GoPro HERO8 Black, more immersive video calls to various professionals with the need to demonstrate their work to the audience that accompanies them.

HERO8 Black and the GoPro Webcam program are compatible with platforms such as zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, Skype it's the Facebook Messenger and Slack when accessed by Google Chrome on macOS. In addition, it is possible to carry out live streams on YouTube.

Check out in this guide how to install GoPro Webcam on your macOS and use HERO8 Black as a webcam.

How to use the GoPro HERO8 Black as a webcam on macOS

Before you start, you need to have:

  • A USB cable to connect your camera;
  • A microSD memory card;
  • A microSD compatible memory card reader;
  • An Apple computer like the MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro and Mac mini;
  • And of course, a GoPro HERO8 Black.

Updating your camera

  1. Download the firmware for your camera and follow the instructions to manually update your camera.
  2. Insert the camera's microSD card into the computer using the built-in reader or an adapter for microSD cards.
Adapter for microSD cards or a USB reader.Insert the microSD card into the computer (Image: GoPro).

3. Transfer the update file to the microSD card.

4. Insert the microSD card into the camera and install the update.

Image illustrating insertion of the microSD card into the GoPro Hero8 camera Install the update on the camera (Image: GoPro).

Installing the GoPro Webcam on your computer

  1. Download the GoPro Webcam Desktop Utility and follow the steps to install the software on your macOS.
  2. You will see a new GoPro icon in your toolbar:
Status bar on a Mac indicating the installed GoPro program

3. Connect your camera to your computer via USB cable (you can use the one that came with your GoPro). For best results, it is recommended to connect the camera to a USB 3.0 port. Note that in the GoPro icon on your toolbar there is now a blue notification indicating that the camera connection on your macOS was successful:

Status bar with blue sign on the GoPro icon indicating that the camera has been connected to macOS

4. Your HERO8 Black goes into USB mode.

GoPro camera indicating the USB cone on your screenHERO8 Black in USB mode. (Image: GoPro).

Setting up the webcam on macOS

  1. To open the webcam settings, click on the GoPro icon on your taskbar and select Show Preview. This function allows you to view your field of view in a wide way before starting your video call or live broadcast.
Screen showing Show Preview for configuring the webcam. Configure field of view (Image: GoPro).
  1. Click on the GoPro icon on the taskbar and select Preferences to adjust the resolution of your video stream.
Image indicating Adjusting the image resolution (Image: GoPro).
  1. Here you can choose HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p) resolutions.
Screen indicating resolution options for the image (1080p or 720p) Choose a resolution for your broadcast (Image: GoPro).
  1. To adjust the digital lens of what you want the camera to capture, go to Digital Lens to change your field of view and choose between angled, narrow or linear.
Screen with settings for GoPro HERO8 Black digital lenses Adjusting digital lenses (Image: GoPro).

Chrome compatibility

  1. To configure your HERO8 Black as a webcam in the Google Chrome browser, go to the browser menu located on the right side of the screen and select "Settings".
Chrome browser menu screen indicating orange Settings Using the webcam in Chrome.

2. Go to “Privacy and Security” and then select “Site settings”.

Chrome screen indicating in orange Site configuration

3. In “Camera” you must select the GoPro HERO8 Black webcam for use on websites. This function will allow you to make video calls and live streams.

Chrome screen indicating in orange Permission for GoPro webcam to use on websites.

For now, you can choose HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p) resolutions and have the image mirrored or flipped. GoPro indicates that in the future you will be able to use the camera with a more open or closed angle and that, probably, new cameras from the company should receive the webcam feature, but not the ones prior to HERO8 Black.

Were you able to use your GoPro HERO8 Black as a webcam on your Mac? Tell us how it went, l us comments.

Source: GoPro