How to use your Android Smartphone as 3G Modem on Ubuntu

J ran out of internet on PC because of your common provider?

Accidents and unforeseen happen, your broadband internet provider may be having problems or being serviced and why you are without internet?

We will present a possible temporary solution to the problem.


Did you know that your Android Smartphone can work like a regular 3G Modem on your Ubuntu?

that's right! You can use your mobile phone's 3G internet on your computer.

But how?

Let's make a simple, step-by-step tutorial for you to understand. For this tutorial you will need:

– An Android smartphone;

– the USB cable on your smartphone;

– Ubuntu installed on your computer;

– A 3G internet plan so you don't have a surprise on your account at the end of the month.

Setting Up Your Smartphone

For everything to work you need:

After these two steps are done, connect your Smartphone and your computer with the USB cable.


So, just about that, the only thing you have to do now set up the 3G connection on your Ubuntu, so click on the network icon in the bar at the top of the desktop:

Ubuntu Network Configuration

Notice that an option with the name of New mobile broadband connection, click on it!

It will open the Ubuntu mobile network configuration screen, here we won't have much difficulty either. Click Continue …

Select your country and click Continue …

Select your carrier, in my case VIVO and Click Continue.

In this part it is not necessary to change anything, Click Continue …

In the end Ubuntu will show you a summary of the settings you made, now just click Apply.

Open the network manager again and you will verify the new connection as shown in the image below.

You should now be signed in.


This type of connection is usually expensive if you use it without a proper plan and usually they have a bandwidth limitation, so no use of it to install programs, but for emergencies like emailing or chatting with someone. contact, browsing websites.

Use wisely.

See you next time.

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