How to use WhatsApp for free in other countries

That the Whatsapp one of the most popular messengers in the world, everyone knows that. The application is one of the main chat tools not only for its ease of use, but also because it does not consume large amounts of data, even if the user opts for the mobile data network on the cell phone. And that goes for any location in the world, whether here in Brazil or in another country.

Just because it doesn't depend on so much internet bandwidth to work, WhatsApp connects quickly to any network. So, how to use the platform internationally?

How to use WhatsApp internationally

The answer is quite simple: as soon as you find any Wi-Fi connection that is open, just connect to start using WhatsApp for free. You can check the available networks by going to your smartphone's settings.

You also have the option of connecting over the cellular data network, but keep in mind that this can lead to international roaming charges. Most operators already offer plans with coverage in other countries, which is not charged on the outside, but it is necessary to check this possibility with the provider.

Finally, in order not to disconnect from WhatsApp in another country, there is the option to buy an international chip that will only be compatible in the visited country.

Source: Business Insider