How to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone

If you want to manage two or more WhatsApp accounts on a single phone, be aware that this is entirely possible. Just download the Parallel Space-Multi Accounts app and learn in the next few lines how to handle it:

Important:Also keep in mind that you will need an activated mobile number to use WhatsApp. Thus, the tutorial is valid for those who have two chips and only want to use one of them in the phone, but with two accounts in the messaging application.

1.Download and install the app on your Android smartphone (app is only available for Google mobile operating system)

2. A list will appear with all applications installed on your device that are compatible with Parallel Space. Select the desired ones. In this case, we only use WhatsApp;

3. Select WhatsApp and then select it again;

4. Now just set up the other account in the app by adding your second number. The "secondary" account will be opened by Parallel Space, while your primary account will be opened by WhatsApp itself.



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