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How to use Microsoft Teams: beginners guide

AMicrosoft gained market again with the Microsoft Teams corporate chat. Despite being in its third year of life, in 2020 the platform was released for free use due to the quarantine period and the arrival of the new coronavirus (covid-19) and saw its user base increase considerably, jumping from 32 million to 44 million. supporters in 1 week.

But why so successful? The platform that unites professional teams has several essential functions for the job market, especially in a period when employees are spread around the world or working in the home office system. Teams' proposal is to be a centralized and integrated information sharing environment. As the name implies, it is possible to create teams and add organization and workflow processes so that things can happen quickly and effectively.

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Microsoft Teams is available to Office 365 users, with some features available free to non-subscribers. The platform has a mobile and desktop version, which makes everything even more integrated, since the user is not limited to the computer.

The main available functions are displayed in the side menu:

Microsoft Teams home screenMicrosoft Teams home screenSource: Personal collection

  • Activity: interactions addressed to the user, such as messages, responses and other notifications.
  • Chat: recent individual or group chats and contact list.
  • Teams: all teams that the user is part of.
  • Calendar: meetings are synchronized with the Outlook calendar and brought together.

Calendar integrated with OutlookOutlook integrated calendarSource: Personal collection

  • Calls: it allows to chat with other users using voice and / or video and shows the history of calls made.
  • Files: Renew the files of all teams in which the user participates. Also a channel for personal storage of OneDrive for Business.

The files are all centralized in the same locationThe files are all centralized in the same locationSource: Personal collection

  • (…): allows other applications that are connected to Office 365 to be located. similar to the "Apps" icon, which is just below.

Various applications and functions can be includedVarious applications and functions can be includedSource: Personal collection

  • Help: brings sections that can solve users' doubts.

Creating a team

The platform is quite simple and intuitive. To create a team just click on Team> Create a team or join it.

A new team can be created from scratch or based on an existing team

A team can be created from scratch or based on existing ones.

Your team can be public or private

The team can be public or private. Within it, in addition to exchanging information with all participants, it is possible to include and even create files that will be saved in the group.

Much can be done in a teamSource: Personal collection

It is possible to edit content within the platform itself, in real time.

Editing files quickly and intuitivelyEditing files quickly and intuitivelySource: Personal collection

It is also possible to include different tabs and applications in each group.

The possibilities of Microsoft Teams are endless, to meet different types of demands.