How to use iMovie to create videos with photos on your iPhone or iPad

With the application iMovie, the iPhone is no longer just a video recording device to become a powerful editing tool. With it, users can create productions with high quality elements, without the need for further editing on the computer. In addition, the Apple tool also allows you to use Photos from the iPhone and iPad library to create videos. The function is excellent for using images to form slides with soundtrack, voiceover and effects.

If you think software like Final Cut X too complicated, here’s how to use your iPhone or iPad to create videos using photos from the iOS library.

Step 0 – If you don’t have iMovie installed yet, follow this link. The app is free for those who have purchased an iPhone or iPad in the past two years.

Step 1 – Open iMovie in the “Projects” tab and tap on the “+“.


Step 2 – Tap on the “Movie” option.


Step 3 – To begin, iMovie lets you choose an opening pattern for your video. However, when it comes to photo editing, let’s skip this step and choose the option “Create”.


Step 4 – On the edit screen, touch the icon for importing media.


Step 5 – In the “Photos” tab, tap on a photo album on your device.


Step 6 – Choose a photo you want to use in your video. It is important to repeat this step to add as many photos as you like.


Step 7 – After defining the photos, touch the media import icon again.


Step 8 – In the “Audio” tab, tap on the “Music” option to view all the music tracks on your iPhone.


Step 9 – Touch a song and then the arrow icon next to the file’s duration.


Step 10 – With the music added, tap the microphone icon.


Step 11 – Tap record and use the microphone built into the iPhone to record a voiceover for the video.


Step 12 – To end the recording, tap “Stop”.


Step 13 – Confirm the use of the audio recording by choosing the “Accept” option.


Step 14 – To finish creating the video, tap “OK” at the top left of the screen.


Step 15 – Keep your finger pressed on the provisional name of the video.


Step 16 – Give your production a personalized name and tap “Done” on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard.


Step 17 – Touch the share icon for iMovie videos.


Step 18 – You can share your photo video on social media and online messengers. In this example, we will teach you how to save the file to the iPhone library. To do this, tap on “Save video”.


Step 19 – Finally, choose the quality of the file that will be saved in the device’s library. Remembering that if the goal is to send to someone over the internet, the smaller the better. If you want to save for posterity, always choose the highest resolution.


Ready. Take advantage of the tip to use iMovie to create files that can be used in digital frames, family photo presentations and descriptive videos with travel photos.

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