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How to use iFood by cell phone? [Guia Completo]

During quarantine, a delivery market that did not stop (and certainly increased). And, in case you still don't know how to use apps like iFood, on your cell phone, here we are going to start you on this journey.

Read on and find out what iFood is and how to use it to place your orders.

1. What is iFood?

Before we start explaining how to use iFood on your cell phone, let's first explain what it is in a brief and concise way.

IFood is a Brazilian company founded in May 2011 as a startup. It works in the food delivery business, being a leader in the sector in Latin America, also in Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.

After receiving several risky investments, it grew very, very quickly. In 2014 it was acquired by Movile, which only served to further increase the speed of growth and expansion of the company.

Its main objective is to be the largest and best platform of its kind in all of Latin America, giving the consumer the maximum number of options. It has more than 2 million active users and millions of monthly orders.

What to use iFood on mobile

2. How to use iFood by cell phone?

Now that you have a better idea than iFood, let's go to what brought you to our article: learn how to order food by delivery using iFood on your smartphone.

This is the quickest and easiest way to access your favorite dishes without having to cook (don't even get up off the couch!). However, it is necessary to know how to use the iFood app and the first step of this is to know how to register. Let's do it!

The registration

The beginning of knowing how to use iFood by cell phone and how to register on this platform. To do this, I need you to download the application on your Android smartphone or on your iPhone through the Play Store or the App Store.

With the app installed, you will obviously need to open it. As soon as you do this, you will see a screen with a message asking for access to your location, which serves to facilitate its use. However, if you want to guarantee your privacy, you can safely skip this.

On the next screen where you can register on the platform, using various options for this. You can connect with your Google account, Facebook account, cell phone number or email address. In addition, you can proceed without registering with the guest login. With it, you can explore the app, but you can't ask for anything.

Choose how you want to register (in the case of email or mobile phone number, you will need to enter the code received), type the address where you want to receive the orders (or select, if you have allowed the app to find your location), confirm the local and ready, you have a record!

Register how to use iFood by cell phone

Placing orders

Knowing how to use iFood on your cell phone also understand how to place orders. Now that you are registered with iFood, you will be redirected to a screen with the list of all restaurants and establishments that serve your location, automatically filtered to show those that are currently open.

At the top of the screen, you can select the option you want, to see establishments of just that type. Examples are"Market", “Sweets & Cakes”, "Drinks", "Pizza", "Healthy", "Pastry", “Vegetarian”, “Cafeterias”, and "Bakeries".

Below these options, you will be able to filter from some more specific alternatives (such as "Open to order breakfast" or “Free delivery restaurants”).

You can also select from the following filter options to find what you want now that you’ve successfully logged into iFood:

  • Filters: to see a comprehensive selection of filters;
    • Basic: Sorting mode, distance, delivery cost and some special filters;
    • CALL US: What type of restaurant, from many options;
    • Payments: What is the average price of the dishes and what forms of payment do you accept;
  • Store type: Here, select whether you want to see only restaurants, only markets, or both;
  • Order: How to be ordered, whether the standard, by price, by evaluation, by delivery time, by fee or by distance;
  • Free delivery: Select this to see only establishments offering free delivery
  • Distance: Filter by distance, being up to 21 km;
  • Delivery iFood: If the restaurant offers delivery by iFood couriers;
  • Super restaurant: Restaurants with a good rating and that fulfill some criteria of the platform.

After finding the desired establishment, we will teach you how to use iFood on your cell phone to place your order. Click on the restaurant and then select the order you want to order from the options on the menu. click in "Add" to put in your cart and then decide on the payment method you’re going to use.

Remember to add a coupon if you have one. Payment methods can be card by the app (both debit and credit), cash or cards on delivery. You can also add your CPF to the note.

With that, now just wait for your order to arrive!

Request how to use iFood on mobile

Did you like our guide on how to use iFood on your cell phone?

Tell us in the comments if you already knew this food delivery platform, if you have used it in the past or if you prefer any of the alternatives to order delivery. Also, check out the best alternatives to iFood to use when it's offline!