How to use Google Street View in Google Maps

How to use Google Street View in Google Maps

How do you find yourself in the city? I confess that I am extremely visual, just pass once a certain place and it becomes a reference for me. That's why Google Street View has always been one of the Big G services that always looked like a glove. But as incredible as it sounds, it only used the feature in the browser. This week I wondered how to do the same using the Google Maps app (I know, a little slow). Therefore, for those who do not have the habit of using Street View on Maps, here is a tutorial on how to use this tool integrated with Google's map service.

google street view

Through Street View, Google provides users with a geolocation feature where they can view the desired address through images.

via satellite
previously captured using cars, bicycles, airplanes or backpacks. In addition, you can move around the route and see landmarks through photos that allow you to view in 360. For extremely visual people, like me, using the app to find yourself in a big city is essential.

Google Street View can be accessed for free via your Android phone and is integrated with Google Maps. However, the use of the feature can be beaten if you do not have the custom of using it. To use the simple Maps service, by typing the address you want to find in the app search, the red Street View symbol will appear identifying the location on the map, as shown in the image below.

Google street view google maps

By clicking on the "pin", a menu type will appear on the screen, offering the possibility to use Street View showing the previously captured image to illustrate the tool. Remember, Street View does not show real-time photos of the place.

Another option is to click on the address located at the bottom of the screen, next to the "Route" button, and you will have the same options.

Fast, simple and easy. To access this service directly from your Android you need to have the Google Maps apps and Street View installed on your mobile device.

Install on Google Play

Google Street View
Install on Google Play

What about, do you use Google Street View often?

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