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How to use Google Maps with augmented reality feature

Recently, a very interesting feature has been released for some users of the Google Maps: navigation using augmented reality. Our reader Guto Pagiossi (who is part of the app's test group) was one of those who tested this news and told us a little about his experience.

Google Maps AR

While plotting a route to move to p, he noticed a new icon on the screen called "Start RA". By touching it, some orientations are shown to the user.

Google Maps AR

After these directions, Google Maps presents us with a new interface, with a map at the bottom and the camera view at the top; At this time, an animation guides him to point the camera at buildings and street signs so that the navigation itself begins.

Google Maps AR

By recognizing the route and directions, the app displays street information and directions. There is also a safety guideline so you don't look at your smartphone as you walk the idea that you look at the screen, lower the iPhone and, after walking a few good meters, lift it again to see the new directions. If you do not do this, the RA navigation screen automatically closes.

Guto told us that the operation of the app as a whole is very intuitive and fast. Although still a beta application (actually alpha, as they call it), he did not notice any crashes or difficulties during the time he was testing the feature (about two hours).

Google Maps AR

The directions of places, distances and directions were very clear and true to reality. He noted, however, that the information (labels) of directions appear very close to the place itself, and that this could be something to be improved.

For him, the feature will be very useful in specific cases because it is not intuitive to keep the phone pointed the way without a doubt, this type of navigation combines much more with devices that are already in our faces, such as the infamous / coming / rumored Apple glass.

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Has anyone else here ever used the feature? Share your experiences in the comments!

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