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How to use Google Maps using less battery

Google Maps is an extremely useful application, but one that devours the battery of devices. Not only does it need to be on at all times to point you in the way, but it also needs to keep looking for data connection all the time and triangulate antennas and get the GPS to work. We will show here how to use the service using less energy.

Some Measures to Decrease Maps Power Consumption These are well-known, such as turning off automatic updating of other apps when you really need this app, turning off automatic screen brightness, or turning off background data so that apps like Gmail and WhatsApp no ​​longer drain your device's battery. See now for other helpful tips.

Turn off the screen when not needed

A known issue with Maps is the always-on display, which devours the battery. To avoid this consumption, activate the voice guided navigation function. With it you hear where to turn, and do not have to leave the screen on.

google maps offline screen
You get only the voice of Google to guide you / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

To do this, enter the destination in the search and start the route. In the navigation interface that will appear, you will see the icon of a speaker. Click on it and choose from the three options: Mute, Alerts Only, and Mute. In this last option the Google girl will give you all the guidelines, even with the display off. If you leave only alerts the app only warns of dangers and problems on the way.

Use Maps in its offline version

Although it lacks some features, this is simply the best option to save battery power. If your smartphone will still spend on the screen and location system, at least save battery and data by not having to download every millimeter of the map.

To prepare properly, you should download the route you should take, with a good clearance, before leaving the WiFi network you are on, so you don't have to rely on data. Remember that the downloaded map will take up space on your device, an average of 300 MB for a third of the city of So Paulo, for example.

google maps offine
Download the maps and get safer / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Below is our full article on how to download and use offline maps and enjoy the savings:

Use Maps in its offline version in airplane mode.

The courageous and desperate version of the previous tip includes extreme measures. If you are in a complicated place, you have no way to charge your phone battery and still need a map, follow the steps from the previous tip with your offline map already downloaded and complete by turning on airplane mode.

google maps airplane
Still, it works / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

This will leave you without traffic data and the location will not be so accurate, since you will not have WiFi or cellular networks for location. Maps gives you an estimate of arrival time, but has no real time basis.

Change location mode

An alternative to enabling airplane mode by going through location settings and making adjustments. Generally, the system leaves the location as accurate as possible to help you with services and apps, but you can relax that a bit.

google maps location
All this is using it as well / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Go to Settings> Location> Mode and choose Battery Saver. It will turn off the device's GPS, the most accurate and battery-consuming sensor, and leave the location only with connections like Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile networks. Enjoy and pass App Level Permissions and see if you have no apps wasting your battery on needless localization.

Turn off traffic and satellite

If you do not need the traffic information but want the mobile data for some reason, turn off this function. This will also save data, and make your smartphone access fewer connections for information, saving battery power. The same goes for satellite, it is better to use the default view if you don't want so much detail.

google maps traffic
Two little details / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

In the app's own home, click the top round button, which has two square cookies. In him. set the map to work in Standard type and turn off traffic by clicking on its icon.

As we have seen, you can do something, although it is not possible to solve the problem completely effectively. However, these tips can make a difference when you're almost out of battery and still have to use this precious and useful app that Maps does.

Do you know any other tricks for optimizing Google Maps battery consumption?

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