How to use Google Assistant to control your Smart Home

Google Assistant has a range of functions ranging from controlling your schedule and checking your emails to answering your questions and obeying some commands, including helping to control your home.

It can help, for example, turn on lamps, change room temperature and take care of security cameras. This is all via an app on your smartphone or some devices, such as the speaker or Android TV.

Want to know how to do this in your daily life and turn your home into a Smart Home? So check out this tutorial we have prepared for you.

The Assistant is not available onlyfor smartphones. There are a lot of devicesGoogle Home that can be purchased and installed in your home to help with your day to day life, just choose which option best fits your needs.

Step Two: Install Google Assistant

Google Home devices need a tablet or smartphone to work properly, so you need to sync your devices. You should open the app and select the option to add new devices, preferably giving them different names, and if have more than one by placing them in different environments of the house.

Step Three: Start Using

To use Google Assistant, I need some devices in your home, such as TV, lamps, cameras, locks, thermostat, and other devices, to be branded partners that can sync with your Assistant. For example, Philips Hue lamps, Nest E thermostat, the Nest IQ camera and Neato vacuum cleaner robots enable this integration.

All you have to do is give your Google Assistant commands and enjoy the benefits of having a Smart Home.

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