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How to use Facebook Messenger without Facebook

Starting today (06/24), Messenger will adopt the same access strategy as WhatsApp, allowing you to login to the service through a phone number. Users will no longer need a linked Facebook account to use the instant messaging application. Check out the details in the article below.

The new version of the app will allow users to login through their phone number, email or Facebook account, previously only the last option was accepted. The news appears right on the Messenger home screen, among the credential options. By clicking on the "I'm not on Facebook" link the user is taken to a page where to provide a phone number, name and a photo. The new access will not restrict tools already provided by the messenger, such as the Hello dialer and the Messenger app store.

The news is being released today in the United States, Canada, Peru and Venezuela. Brazil should receive the new feature soon, along with upcoming Messenger updates. If you have not downloaded Messenger yet or would like to check if the update is available to you, simply click the button below.

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And what did you think of the news? Was Messenger without Facebook becoming a strong contender for WhatsApp?

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