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How to use Evernote on Linux

Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps, but it doesn't originally have a desktop client for Linux, many people use the community-made version for it. everpad callBut my solution to the case today is different. How to use Evernote on Linux I started actively using Evernote this week and it's really very useful software. I actually use Evernote besides Google Keep – See how to use Google Keep on Linux – but it turned out to be a good addition thanks to the extensions of Google Chrome.

Speaking of Google Chrome, through it you will have access to Evernote, even if you have it installed only to use this type of application and prefer other browsers to navigate normally.

Evernote on Linux

How to install and configure the Evernote App on your system

If you have already installed Google Chrome now you only need to install the Evernote Web App, just click the button below.

Once installed, we will need to make a small modification so that it works like a conventional application and you can pin it to your menu one in the application bar of your system.

Creating shortcut

Right click on the Evernote Web icon and click "Create Shortcuts …", this option will open the window above where you can create shortcuts on your system desktop and menu, i I recommend creating the system menu shortcut on the optional desktop, if you change your mind just go back here and create the shortcuts again.

After creating the shortcuts, we need to configure Evernote to open as an App and not just a new tab, to do that, right-click on its icon again and go to the "Application Info" option and In the window that opens select the "Open as window" option, so it will work as a WebApp.

Evernote Linux

And basically this, now when you click it Evernote will open as a simple App, you just need to get it in the Ubuntu sidebar if you use the system or in your system taskbar, whatever the interface, if it's is your preference.

Additional Tips

To improve integration with Chrome I'm using another Evernote extension that lets you instantly save content to the internet on your Evernote called "Evernote Web Clipper", It may be interesting to also install Evernote applications on your Smartphone, so you can have notes synced on both devices.

See you next time!

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