How to use dark mode on WhatsApp on iPhone

As everyone (or almost) already knows, the big highlight of iOS 13 was theDark Mode. With the new system, applications were also launching their versions with the themedark (and others well before iOS 13, like Twitter and Telegram for example). However, to the delight of many, the dark mode on WhatsApp finally made it to the iPhone! What the messenger of Zuckhas to be famous, has to be late, right?

Enabling dark mode on WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp adopted the iOS 13 settings. And to use the app with the “new” theme, it is enough that iOS Dark Mode is activated on the system. There is no option in the WhatsApp settings to change the theme manually; such as Instagram, for example.

Therefore, it is necessary that your iPhone isupdated and with the Dark Appearance enabled on Settings Screen and Brightness. You can also add a shortcut to change the system theme through the Control Center, under Settings Control Center Customize Controls.

In addition, WhatsApp has added new solid color options to use as a background image for conversations and new search filters that make it easier to find messages. Finally, now there is also compatibility with the Haptic Touch for devices that do not have 3D Touch (iPhone XR onwards; Apple has discontinued 3D Touch).

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