How to upload your old photos from your computer to Google Photos

Google Photos life. Some years ago working with technology and using this service, I can only recommend it not only to those who use Android, but also to those who use iPhone. ICloud doesn't get to the bottom of what Google offers in photo becape. But what about the thousands of photos you took before you got a smartphone?

The good thing about Google Photos is that besides being multiplatform, it allows you to store your photos in infinite space if you agree to upload them in high quality and not original (which is great for me). With this, you can save all your huge amount of photos (which today are many) taken with the smartphone. Want to know how it works? See our tips:

To save all your old, printed photos, you can use the PhotoScan app, a Google own app that helps you scan old photos using machine learning to save you from reflection and color problems. Everything done by the smartphone, now goes to Google Photos. But what about the photos on your computer? The ones you took with your digital camera or other Android devices? We'll teach you how to keep them too.

Google Photos PhotoScan
Install on Google Play

google photos pc backup 02
Download the software for your computer / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

First, download the Google Backup and Sync app. You can download it by clicking here. It is free, available for Windows and OSX and you install it on your computer, not on your smartphone.

google photos pc backup 03
Log in normally / AndrioidPIT (screenshot)

When opening the software on your computer, you will be required to log in to your Google account, which may be the same as you already use on your Android or Google services.

google photos pc backup 04
Just choose media or all the files you want / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

From this you must choose whether to back up only videos and photos, or all file types. In the latter case, you can choose which folders you want to have in Google Drive as they will take up space. For the moment, I will choose only Photos and Videos.

google photos pc backup 05
Choose folders and settings / AndrioidPIT (screenshot)

In this new window, in addition to choosing which folders you would like to copy and whether you want high quality infinite storage or original finite storage, you can also click Change and configure extra information such as backup or non-RAW files and metadata from photography programs.

google photos pc backup 07
Now Google takes care of the rest / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Then click on Start. The program will automatically back up all photo and video files it finds in the folders you choose.

google photos pc backup 06
Extra Settings / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

You can still go through Preferences and Settings and modify those first choices again, and choose whether you prefer to remove photos from your computer after uploading. You can even request to back up files directly from USB devices or SD cards.

You must pay attention to the limits of the application, which will not upload photos weighing more than 75MB or videos larger than 10GB, as well as items smaller than 256 x 256 pixels. Supported formats are .jpg, .png, .webp, some RAW files, .mpg, .mod, .mmv, .tod, .wmv, .asf, .avi, .divx, .mov, .m4v, .3gp, .3g2, .mp4, .m2t, .m2ts, .mts and .mkv.

And the? Will you back up your photos to Google Photos?

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