How to unlock WhatsApp using VPN

Operators are already blocking WhatsApp across Brazil. We still do not know what the deadline for the blockade is, but there is a way to circumvent it. Learn in this article how to unlock WhatsApp using a VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a network technology that allows you to set up a secure extension of your local area network (LAN) over a public or uncontrolled network, such as the Internet, allowing you to communicate from a single point. to another (such as from a smartphone and a computer or between two smartphones) securely and privately using the Internet.

The technology behind this type of connection is called "tunneling" because it creates a tunnel establishing communication between two points through which data circulates. The VPN itself does not store any data, it is saved on the servers or clients that configure the VPN. This way you can unlock WhatsApp using VPN.

Attention: However, once you are using a VPN, your security will be at risk.

How to unlock WhatsApp using VPN

There are numerous VPN services in the Play Store, but not all of them are well meaning. Be very careful when choosing one. For this tutorial, we have selected the one that is being used most (and successfully) because you still want to have access to WhatsApp during the block.

Betternet is an extremely simple application. You just have to download it from the Play Store, confirm the connection request and click "Connect". No password creation or login required.

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With a VPN service you unlock WhatsApp / ANDROIDPIT

Free VPN Hotspot and Betternet Private Browsing
Install on Google Play

The "key" icon on the status bar shows that the service is active. This will allow you to use WhatsApp as normal. Other good application options you will find in the article below:

Remember that many VPN services are not secure. Avoid banking or disclosing secret data while using a VPN. Also, of course, your contacts must also use VPN so that you can communicate through WhatsApp. So spread the tip!

Do you know other equivalent services?

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