How to uninstall americas army (linux)

One of the great computer games that was converted to the Penguin world was this AA. So you were very happy to install Americas Army on your Ubuntu (or whatever) and for some reason the thing 'It didn't work right. Then you are looking everywhere for a way to remove it from your pc, Synaptic, Program Center, Context menus and nothing … = / (Install was so easy = P) Here are the procedures to uninstall Americas Army:

Open the terminal and type

cd / usr / local / games / armyops (if this is the directory where it was installed – just put the path here – if you don't know look for the "armyops" file and put the full directory where it is located) sudo sh ./uninstall (the file "uninstall" is inside the folder "/ usr / local / games / armyops" and will uninstall the game) enter the user password

the directory and files will be deleted.

This is the correct way to uninstall.