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How to turn up your Spotify music

Small configuration to be performed in the application increases the volume of the music played on the streaming service. See how to do it!

Spotify is one of the most popular programs for streaming music on computers and mobile phones. In turn, those who have already used the mobile app on the platform may have come across the volume of their music lower than in other programs.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved quite simply, as it is due to a small configuration that is performed within Spotify's own application. Here's how to make Spotify music louder.


The setup shown below can be done in either the Android app or the iPhone app.

How to turn up your Spotify music

The process for getting your music to volume is very fast, but requires attention to a small detail, which varies with the system used. Check out:

1.Go to Google Play or App Store and upgrade Spotify to the latest available version;

2.Open Spotify normally and tap the gear icon to enter its settings;


2. In the new screen, look for the “Volume Level” function and set its value to “High”. If you use iPhone, the “Volume Level” should be within the “Playback” menu;

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3. Although it is optional, it is recommended that you also change the value of “Transmission” in “Music Quality” to the “Very High” option. This way you ensure that the sound reproduced does not lose quality. This step is not recommended for those streaming music using your carrier's data plan;


4. After making the changes mentioned above, open the system task manager and terminate Spotify;


5. Now just open Spotify again and play some content.

Ready! From that point on, Spotify will now display a higher volume for the music played on it, regardless of whether you are using a headset or the mobile phone speaker.

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