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How to turn on the dark hidden theme in Chrome for Android

Chrome is the native browser of Android and is always bringing new implements for those who try the preliminary versions of the browser. After clues about the arrival of the Sneak Peek feature, it's time for night mode.

Dark theme

With Google I / O approaching in May, Google is working to optimize the dark theme in its native apps manually and automatically as it should work with the dark theme of Android Q. Recently, third-party apps They were also spotted running on dark interface versions such as WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Now users of Chrome beta for Android can now experience the dark theme quite easily. First, download the beta from Google Play and in the address bar type the command "chrome: // flags" followed by enter. In the screen that will open, look for "dark" in the search box at the top. Enable the "Android Chrome UI dark Mode" option.

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Finding the menu / AndroidPIT

This, however, will not be enough to get the dark theme: you will have to restart Chrome and go to your browser settings to activate it manually. Then select the "dark mode" menu and activate it. There is a second option in the "chrome: // flags" menu which is the "Android web contents dark mode" which converts websites to the dark theme automatically. The problem is that this function also converts images and eventually distorts them.

Remember that this function is not accessible from normal Chrome, only in beta:

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Activating dark mode / AndroidPIT

Chrome Beta
Install on Google Play

Sneak peek

The sneak peek feature is being tested in Chrome and will be a hand in hand for those who usually click on links within webpages, either on social networks or on news sites. This function allows an external link to be opened in a new tab without closing the ongoing page.

The XDA Forum staff made a GIF to better illustrate this news and how it works:

The open tab is loaded in the background in the browser footer. To test this feature you need to be using Chrome Canary or Chrome Dev. After downloading them, click "Enabled" the following command (copy and paste into browser address bar): chrome: // flags / # enable-ephemeral-tab.

This done, just press a link within a page for a few seconds and when the popup appears, select the * New Sneak Peek * option. Ready!

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