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How to transfer photos between 2 Android smartphones

It's been a while since most people stopped using portable cameras to take their pictures with cell phones. After all, our mobile devices are increasingly capable and in some cases and scenarios the best smartphones even rival semi-professional cameras in terms of quality.

But what do you do when you want to send a large amount of photos to someone you know? After all, sending either image is very easy via email or social networks, but that's not the case with an entire album of hundreds of images. This is what we are going to teach in this tutorial, which features a few different methods for transferring photos between two Android smartphones.

How to Transfer Photos with Android Beam

This method for those who have a smartphone with NFC. This is a technology that is present in the vast majority of handsets, but if yours does not, skip to the next section. It is relatively simple and serves to share different content including web pages, maps and videos.

  1. In Settings, search for NFC in the search bar. Or browse the menus until you get to this option. In our case, it goes to Bluetooth & device connection> Connection Preferences.

settings menu with bluetooth option highlighted

  1. After that, search for Android Beam and enable this option. If you prefer to navigate to it, your check box is usually in the same menu as NFC.

extra connection settings menu

  1. Open the content you want to share. In our case, let's use a photo as an example.

  2. Make sure both smartphones are turned on and the screen is on.

  3. Press the back of one smartphone against the back of the other. Your content will begin to be transmitted from one device to another.

  4. If you want to share multiple photos, long press on one and select the others before touching the devices.

If you prefer, you can still click the share button in your gallery and select the Android Beam option.

android sharing menu

How to Transfer Photos with MobileTrans

Another option using the MobileTrans app. It not only lets you transfer photos between two Android smartphones, but also enables iOS to Android and vice versa.

  1. Download MobileTrans on your computer and run its installer.

  2. Open the program and select the Phone Transfer module.

mobiletrans windows program(Source: MobileTrans)
  1. Connect both smartphones to the computer.

android to android transfer on mobiletrans(Source: MobileTrans)
  1. Select photos in the supported format from the list and click the Start button.

full transfer screen no mobiletrans(Source: MobileTrans)

So, your photos were transferred from one Android smartphone to another. If you prefer to do the process without a computer, you can download the app from the Play Store.

How to Transfer Photos Through Bluetooth

This is a more old-school method that was used even before smartphones existed. But make no mistake: Bluetooth technology has evolved a lot since then and is faster and more reliable.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on both smartphones and pair them.

  2. Open your gallery and choose the photos you want to share

  3. Click the share button

android photo gallery

  1. Choose opoBluetooth and select the smartphone that will receive the photos.

android sharing options

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