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How to transfer music from iTunes to Android

It is rare for a user to have the same operating system on all their devices. In fact, many of you have a Mac and an Android smartphone. So today I will explain how to transfer music directly from iTunes to your Android device.

iTunes android

Switch from iTunes to Windows Android

Not infrequently users who have a Windows PC but also use the iTunes music platform. The method to pass the songs of this program to Android on Windows is very simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Enable the USB Debugging option of your smartphone by accessing the Developer Options section of the settings menu;

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Enabling USB debugging. / AndroidPIT
<p>2. Connect smartphone to PC via USB;</p>
<p>3. Access your device through the computer and open the Music folder;</p>
<p>4. On the other hand, go to the iTunes folder on your PC and go to iTunes Media;</p>
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5. Then drag the songs from the iTunes folder to the smartphone, or use the copy and paste.

Switch from iTunes to Android on Mac

Unlike with Windows or Linux, Macs do not recognize the smartphone as an external storage device. So in order to connect Android with Mac, we need to download Android File Transfer program, which allows us to connect the smartphone with a disk drive and transfer files between computer and mobile phone. This method is only compatible with devices running Android 3.0 or higher.

To perform the process, just follow the tutorial below:

1. Connect your smartphone to your Mac. If you don't have Android File Transfer installed, your device won't be recognized;

2. Open the iTunes Music folder;

3. Open the Android File Transfer music folder;

4. Drag files from one folder to another or copy and paste.

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<p>Another option for Samsung smartphones is to use the Kies program, but there is the problem of folder duplication. On the other hand, there are alternatives such as <strong>Double twist</strong>, a bit more complicated to use, or the <strong>iSyncr</strong>, which I pay. And if you want to sync your music libraries and be able to download tracks and playlists from the cloud to your Android devices, check out this tutorial.</p>
<p>If you know an alternative method, share it with us in the comments!</p>
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