How to transfer files from your Android to PC via Wi-Fi

Don't like using cables to transfer files from PC to smartphone? Need to transfer a file but find no cable nearby? So check out our app tips that let you transfer files between your smartphone and PC using your Wi-Fi connection.


Xender is undoubtedly one of the best applications to transfer files between PC and smartphone easily and without complications. In addition to free, it is very easy to use: install the app, and with the app open tap the profile picture in the upper left corner of the screen. Select the Connect to PC option.

Open your browser on your PC and go to web.xender. A barcode will be displayed on the screen. Return to your smartphone and tap the Scan button that is appearing on the screen. Point the phone's camera at the barcode in the browser and you're done. Now just transfer what you want, between PC and smartphone, using the page you accessed in the browser.

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Xender / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
<p>The cool thing about Xender is that you can select multiple files and transfer them at once to your PC as a ZIP file. The Apps option in the left corner of the screen is also very useful: allows you to back up applications installed on the smartphone. They will be sent to the PC as .APK files.</p>
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The Xender PC interface / AndroidPIT

Xender – Fast Transfer
Install on Google Play


This is my favorite, and an app I use every single day to, for example, transfer screenshots from the smartphone to the notebook, or send music and video to the smartphone. incredibly easy to use: install and open the app on your smartphone. Tap the white arrow in the middle of the screen.

Now go to the PC, and enter the address that is at the top of the smartphone screen and you're done! When you want to stop sharing, touch the white square on your smartphone screen. Remember that for the transfer to work, both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Sweech FIXED
The Sweech / AndroidPIT web interface

On your PC you can browse categories (images, videos, music, etc.) or use File Browser to access all folders and files in the device's internal memory. Click on a file to start downloading it (or view it if it is an image) and use the arrow in the bottom right corner of the page to upload files to your smartphone.

Sweech has a settings screen (tap the gear in the lower left corner of the screen) where you can enable connection passwords, secure connections (HTTPS), change the connection port, etc. But believe me, most of the time you don't have to touch anything there.

The free app on Google Play, but an upgrade to Premium version ($ 4.99) can be done within the app by tapping the medal cone at the bottom of the screen. This enables you to enable extra encryption and connection control features.

Sweech – Wifi File Transfer
Install on Google Play


At first it is very similar to Xender. After installing on your smartphone, just open the app and click Read to connect. On your PC, open web.airmore and use your smartphone to scan the QR Code. Okay, you are connected.

Using the icons in the left corner of the page, you will have access to the images, videos, music, documents and files on your smartphone. The home page also shows a summary of information about the smartphone, including how much space is being used and how.

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The AirMore / AndroidPIT interface
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But the feature that makes AirMore unique is the Reflector. With it, you can mirror the entire content of the smartphone screen on the PC, which is great for making a presentation that is on the smartphone, for example on a larger monitor. The connection speed is good enough to even show videos, but not enough for games.

Install on Google Play

And you already knew any of these apps? Know another way to transfer data from your PC to your smartphone via Wi-Fi?

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