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How to transfer Apps from your old Android smartphone to the new

Buying a new smartphone is always exciting: the expectation of a new, faster device without the old use marks cheers everyone up. However, there is always something very boring in this process: the configuration and installation of applications.

There are a few ways to make this process easier, and one of the main ways is by transferring apps from your old Android smartphone to the new device. The best option, therefore, is to back up your data. This allows you to save your game data, access your chat history, keep track of your usage, and more.

Here's how to transfer apps from your old Android to the new smartphone:

Use the Android Backup and Restore Feature

This is the easiest way to transfer apps from one smartphone to another, as is the standard Android way. In this method, you first back up your old device and then use the restore function with the new one.

It is important to note that the backup device must have the same version of Android or an earlier version as the smartphone receiving the data. That is, you cannot back up to an Android 10 device and restore it to a model with Android 9 Pie, for example.

How to Back Up on Google Drive

First, let's get the older smartphone, go to Settings and then hit System.

android 9 settings screen

Now select Backup. Note that depending on your model you will need to expand the Advanced section first. Also, your settings menu may differ slightly depending on your smartphone manufacturer and your version of Android.

android 9 backup screen

Next, make sure the Backup to Google Drive option is enabled. If she's already, then it's all right. Otherwise, enable it and click Back up now.

backup choice by google drive on android 9

When the backup is complete, your data is already saved to the Google cloud and ready to be restored.

How to Restore Data with Google Drive

Once you turn on the new smartphone for the first time, you can restore your data, including applications. If you have already configured the device, you can always restore factory settings and restart the process.

Start by turning on the device and when the screen in question appears, press Copy Your Data.

On the next screen, connect to a Wi-Fi network and restore options will appear. Choose An Android Smartphone Backup if you have the old handset on or A Cloud Backup if you are not.

backup restore screen on android(Source: Android Central)

Sign in with the same account as your old Google smartphone and choose it from the list of backup options. Tap Restore to move all data and connections from the previous device. Click Apps to select which apps you want to download again and which ones you don't want.

android backup restore selection screen(Source: Android Central)

Okay, you can complete the initial Android setup steps while downloading data in the background!

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