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How to Track Your Stolen Notebook or Smartphone with Prey


Well, I believe there must be little reason why you are reading this article, or you are really a cautious person or you have had your device stolen or lost.

If you are cautious congratulations, but there is really a great possibility that you are reading this because your so dear device is no longer with you.

I am unfortunately part of the second group, as recently a notebook was stolen from my family. Now too late to think about tracking, but the lesson has been learned. Let's go to the article then.


PreyProject is a multiplatform Open Source tracking project, and when I say multiplatform multiplatform! It can be used on devices running Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, Linux and especially for Linux we have bundled versions for virtually all distributions.

Check your Email to be sure of registration after making sure it's time to download the app to your device.

Download the version for your operating system at this link.

On Android and iOS you can use Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

In my case download the Ubuntu version for my notebook and for this reason the tutorial follows with the settings in Ubuntu, but they are not different from other systems, just the way to install.

With the file on your Ubuntu pc, use Gdebi to install the .deb package. If you do not have this application on Ubuntu you can use the program center itself.

Note: In the Ubuntu program center there is a version of PREY, but it is a little outdated, I recommend downloading the newer version of the Software.

Once installed look for "PREY" in Unity Dash or in your graphical interface menu:

You will need to enter the ROOT password to access the application.

Setting Up Prey on Ubuntu

In the "reporting mode" tab you have some personal options settings to make, assuming you have already created your PREY account before, now is the time to enter your account Email and password. Check the "CREATE A NEW DEVICE IN MY CONTROL PANEL" option to create a new device in PREY's web control panel, as soon as the program will close and run in the background, don't worry it doesn't affect the performance of the machine.

If everything is properly installed we can do a test. Go to the PREY page and log in at the top right.

Prey Login

This will give you access to your control panel.

PREY Dashboard

In my case, I put my smartphone and my notebook, to see the options that include triggering an alarm among others just click on the desired device, in the free version that we are using you can register up to 3 devices.

NOTE: Note that there is a bug in the image, although I installed prey on my Ubuntu cone that appears on the Windows Notebook thumbnail ().

I did a test with the alarm and it really works, it had a delay of about 5 min from alarm activation to remote execution, but it worked.

It's all personal, no one likes to have anything of value stolen, especially a device that can hold a lot of personal information. So the saying goes, better safe than sorry.

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