How to tell if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

Long time no receive a message from that "friend" by WhatsApp? If you were able to list some names, you may have been blocked. In addition to checking the person's last connection date (which can easily be changed) we offer here a number of clues to see if you have received someone's red card online.

The first thing that should be clarified at the outset is that there is only one way to know, with absolute certainty, if you have been blocked on WhatsApp: by calling the person and asking. Since no one wants to do this, we show here five signs that indicate a lock.

Attention: Don't believe apps that promise to show you if you've been blocked in WhatsApp or anything like that, because most of the time, this kind of promise will blow in WhatsApp.

1. Last Connection Information

At each contact or within each dialog, in the top bar you can see the time the person was last connected on WhatsApp. In addition, if she is online or writing, we can also view this information.

If your last online time is recent, that person has not blocked you (or has blocked you at this very moment). As I said at the beginning of the article, there are ways to hide this data, so let's look for more evidence of a potential block.

2. Send messages and known double checks

What do the little check symbols in WhatsApp mean and what is the difference between a single and a double? The very simple answer: a symbol means that the message was sent successfully and reached the WhatsApp server; two symbols mean that the message has been received by the recipient (but may not have been read yet) and two symbols in blue means that the message has been viewed by the recipient.

Another sign of blocking that we never see double check in messages we send to a particular person, the "single check" symbol stays forever in the message, meaning that this message could not be delivered to the recipient due to the block.

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  Who has never kept an eye on the double check? / AndroidPIT
<h2 id=3. Profile and status photo

With the latest updates from WhatsApp it was very easy to recognize that you may have been blocked in the app, because once you have been blocked by someone, it is impossible to see the photo or status of the contact in question. Giving us a very strong indication that we were blocked without giving (or that this person changed their number or simply deleted their account)!

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  Status, last connection time and profile photo can confirm a lock / AndroidPIT
<h2 id=4. Your contact does not answer calls

If you have reached the fourth topic of this article and are still not convinced that it has been blocked, try calling the contact you suspect has blocked you. If you call several times and can't talk to your friend, the chances that you have been blocked are huge.

To take the test of nine, try to make a call between operators, because when you have been blocked and makes a call via WhatsApp (data or Wi-Fi), the call will be calling to you, but your contact's cell phone will not ring.

5. Sudden disappearance of groups

Even if you have been blocked, those who have blocked you can still exchange messages in common groups. However, if new groups are created, this will not happen. Thus, if there is a lock, it will not be possible to add the contact to the newly created group, and an error message will be displayed.

What if you want to block any?

Finally, it doesn't hurt to show how to block a contact. Just open the conversation with the contact you want to block, click the menu at the top right of the screen, go to More> Block and ready. But be aware, just as you can no longer see contact information when it blocks you, so you will no longer be able to see contact information you have blocked.

whatsapp lock
To block s start / AndroidPIT

The same process can be done to unlock some, but this time by clicking unlock, the messages that can be viewed will be sent from the unlock, that is, you will not see if the contact sent you any messages during the blocked period.

note: To disappear once and for all with a contact from your list I need to delete it from your calendar.

And you, has already been blocked or blocked in WhatsApp?

The purpose of this article is to gather in one place all the tips on how to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp. Thus, updating and republishing this subject will become necessary over time.

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